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The Worst is Yet to Come

To make a long story short, I run a tiny race car shop on the edge of obscurity in the northeastern part of the country. And I’m losing my mind. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the ride on my therapeutic break from the eccentric, needy yupsters I call race car drivers. There will be insight on chassis building techniques, welding, dispelling of several racing/automotive myths with raw science and data, and I’ll probably make fun of a lot of things on the way.

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As things sit we’re picking up at the aftermath of my second design of my 240sx hill climb car. The engine let loose way back in August of 2017, and do to workload I have not touched it in over a year. This is where my therapy begins.



I decided to bring the 240 from storage to my home shop. This will be adequate to get the job done for whats in store. It will be transforming from a stock chassis/bodied car into a full tube chassis sharing only the door jambs, roof, rockers, fenders, and maybe the quarter panels with the factory car.


This will require a lot of rigging and jigging so first on the plate will be the construction of a square and true chassis jig. That’ll be for installment number two. For now I figured I’ll give you a run down of the car and put some pictures up of some cage work I’ve done in the past. We’ll be going through every aspect of this build piece by piece and detail by agonizing detail.



1968 Jaguar XKE with swing out door bars….that will never happen again.


Toyota AE86 in the first stages of a front half drift set up.


Evo VIII and WRX in the pits somewhere.

For now set the online radio to the Ramones. Next up – chassis jig.











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