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The KKK Took My Baby Away

If you’re reading this blog, which I’m guessing you aren’t, you probably have some interest in racing. You may be a racer, a builder, or a watcher. That being the case, we both may suffer the similar banes of the car “scene”, or “world”, or whatever you call it. Aside from the obvious car horseshit you have available to you on TV, and it’s all horseshit unless Lou Santiago is on the show (he is a god), you may have to put up with typical weekend hero crap.

2016 duryea 2

Now, I hate most everyone involved in car “culture”. And I despicably despise fake race cars, their owners, and bolt on junkies. Every town in America has a car group named after the  regions area code, some fancy place they meet, and a bunch of guys cruising in fake race cars. Given there is work in these cars, but dyno sheets, terribly lowered and designed suspension systems, and stickers don’t qualify you as a race car driver. Or even give you a race car for that matter. Locally I’ve seen a lot of crap.

Autocross, racing in its most pure and seductive form, hands a lot of weekend warriors the ability to tune and modify they’re chassis and engine to the max of their and it’s abilities. I have nothing but respect for this. Autocross bit me years ago.

240sx weatherly 2016

On the local level where I come from there is one car that comes to mind that throws dirt into the faces of every single guy I’ve ever shared setups with, wrenched with, or helped out of a jam at one of my regions autocross events. This travesty of a hunk of iron has the looks, constantly changing however, but the soul is completely not there. It’s lettered like a race car to the point where its even got class numbers on the doors. I’ve never seen it anywhere except “hard” parked at a car show or a “meet”. Or plastered like the whore that it is all over social media. It’s a social event trophy that has been pictured with more sluts on it then it has track time. It’s owner came to me and wanted a roll cage, but needed to keep his interior intact. This irks me. Racing is in my soul. I don’t build race cars so I can make friends. I don’t build race cars to meet girls. I don’t build race cars so I can have a picture in a magazine. I don’t even want anyone to know that I build race cars anymore. I do it for me. I do it for the cars.

My point being. If you want to race, build a race car. If you want to talk about it get a dyno slip, some tattoos, a black t-shirt, a bimbo, and hang out at the local Cars and Coffee with your non-spec roll cage and full interior. I’ll pass on the mocha latte. But don’t letter your car. That’s a trophy only earned by real pain.

Anyway, now that that’s over with……………


With all that out of the way I can tell you that the past month has not been spent to actively in the real world. What I mean by that is most of my time “working” on the car this past month has been deeply in the design element. So I’ve been sitting on my ass in front of a computer screen and keyboard. I can bore you to death with all the pleasantries of CAD software and suspension design, but do you really care?

The basics of chassis design aside where does it all begin?

At the tires. Unless you are rolling over or are living in Bedrock the only part of that racing car that comes into contact with the surface of the circuit are the tires. So let’s start there. When laying out a suspension, whether it be on a CPU or paper, tire size should be decided. So plot out the most common tire size you will run, and also overlay the largest tire size you will run.

If you want to make your life easy the following this link: Racing Aspirations. Pay for it. It’s cheap so you don’t have to be. If you want to delve a little further into science and into your wallet go right to It’s really not that expensive, and it’s awesome.

I settled on 295/35R18 DOT slicks. This is a change for me. I’ve always run 17″ wheels, but lately it seems like getting a fat tire for a 17″ wheel is a nightmare. Have I bought them yet? No. But when doing my layout knowing the proper size to scale is where I need to begin.

So I picked my tires and I’m still running tests on my front and rear suspension layout on the PC, so they’ll be more to come on that. I’m going to be using C6 Corvette front and rear uprights. They’re solid pieces, great price, and they accept ball joints and hubs for rear axles. I’ll be slightly modifying the tops to accept an upper with a ball joint.

In the meantime, I’ve also began to design the basics of the framework.

capture low res

What you’re looking sat is the front clip mostly and is not the definitive model. It is assembled to scale, but it’s a first draft so changes are do. And the entire back half is not designed yet.

As for now it’s still just in the disassemble and design stages.


If you have a burned out headlight, change it. Don’t just run your brights all the time. That’s just being lazy.

Signing off – the Doc




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