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Everytime I Eat Vegetables it Makes Me Think of You

Anyone out there watch some of the shit people put on YouTube related to automotive stuff and proceed to puke your brains out?

I’ve seen some pretty stupid shit lately. I watched a kid who said “like” about 1400 times in his 15 minute 27 second video separate a quality MLS head gasket and spray copper between every layer then assemble. Why is this horseshit? Simple. A new, good quality MLS head gasket has that black Viton material embedded to it. Guess what seals the gasket? The Viton. He was on a freshly milled head and a freshly decked block. Perfect, true, clean conditions.(supposedly).


Copper spray is for assholes who reuse head gaskets and have one surface, either the fire deck or head surface, not properly machined to finish and cleaned. And they usually say “like” approximately every 1.51 seconds.

It was like watching a shit spreader in action at a potato farm, because the only thing being spread was horseshit. Just because somebody takes the time to put a video on YouTube, or a WordPress blog for that matter, doesn’t mean they know what they are doing. We live in a heavily crap saturated world (read that as: the internet turns morons into heroes.) where misinformation is more heavily abundant then actual knowledge. Thanks internet.

Viton is the trade name of a  fluoropolymer elastomer used in many things that I dont feel like talking about and in high quality gaskets. What is a  fluoropolymer elastomer?
Look it up. Why use it on a head gasket? It has a high resistance to heat and oil…your engine has hot oil in it when its running, so it only makes sense. Because of the Viton coating and the embossments on the MLS gasket surface, because you had your mating surfaces prepped to the proper RA (roughness average) and cleaned, and because you properly torqued your heads your gasket will seal. How’s that for a sentence.

As I’m typing this I’m realizing what this boils down to is proper engine building technique. Don’t be the typical 240sx owner and shoot from the hip. And don’t do something so that your friends think you’re cool, after all they are probably just 240sx owners too. So it doesn’t matter what they think. And don’t put up YouTube videos if all you’re going to do is spread more horseshit, the people in the know are laughing at you.

So it’s been a while since I’ve done an update on the 240 chassis. To be honest time has been tight and disassembly is in all honesty boring. So I’ll lay down a few progress pics for anyone out there waiting to see.

I’m giving it 1 to 2 hours a day. If I can be left alone I’m getting in a solid 8 to 9 hours on Saturday. Pretty much I’ve started at the drivers side front corner. I’m making my way around the inner perimeter of the car in a counter clockwise rotation, if viewed from the top. First thing I’m doing is cutting out anything that’s spot welded in.

Picked up a handy sheet metal cutter kit from the Snap On dealer last week, it makes cutting spot welds a breeze. You center punch and drill. Check it out here: Hole Cutter Kit .

Next thing on the list is cutting the inner side of the rocker panels out. Why? Well, the first time I built on this chassis I was not as knowledgeable, cut corners, and rushed everything. (Read that as:”I was a hack”). The floor needed to be dropped and a new seat support had to be welded in. And the job I did on it was nothing but a shit pile job. A good build needs a clean start. So I’ll be replacing the inner rockers with clean metal and will be running a frame rail inside the rocker.


I also cut out most of the package tray. To be honest I don’t know what I’m going to do back here yet. Definitely going to be lean on whatever it is that happens back here. Just not sure yet.

I picked up a 2 x 4 welding table from the guys over at


Will be doing a review on it in the next entry.

Until then……

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