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I Wanna Be Sedated

I’ve been selling 240sx used parts for some time now and it gets more and more painful on a daily basis. 240sx owners have a knack for proving how stupid, cheap, and ridiculous they all are. Lately I’ve been moving large pieces that I couldn’t be bothered to ship, so I’ve been listing them on Shitlist and the Shitbay as local pickup only. To a 240sx owner local pickup means: if I have to drive from New York, New Jersey, or down the street from the shop I’m entitled to a discount of anywhere from $50 to $200. I wish I was as stupid as most people. Drift tax yo.

I get a text as follows: “Hey, bro. Do you still have that rear sub-frame?”

Coming right out of the gates I don’t even want to deal with an asshole like this. Everyone who calls me “friend” knows how I feel about “bro”. I am not your “bro”, will never be a ‘bro”, and don’t want to be your “bro”. Bro is just another way of saying I’m like you are, stupid, let’s rub our nuts together.

I humor the situation. I don’t need to sell, but money is money. I respond with an affirmative and get: “Well, like I’m driving from Allentown its only a half hour away. Will you take $400 instead of $500 because I have to drive?”

Strike 2. Allentown is only a half and hour away if you are driving approximately 120 mph. Idiot.

At this point in time I explain to the prospective buyer that the price is $500 whether he’s coming from next door or from Japan and if necessary I can calculate freight to around $250 add it to the price and ship it. Or he can shut his stupid fucking mouth, spend 25$ in gas and come pick up his parts.

I never heard from this character again. All for the better, I wouldn’t want a person with moronic qualities like this stepping foot in my garage. (It has happened). Maybe it’s because I don’t have to sell anything I have, but the logistics of a person’s situation don’t matter to me. I have it, you want it…what’s the old saying? “Fuck you. Pay me.”


So I started this draft on April 13th. I’ve been busy, not with my own car. Here’s an update anyway. The center frame and attaching gussets are all tacked together and sitting in position under the car. The way I’m building the frame gave the car a slight body lift, which wont raise the CG to much, but will give me more room for my skull.


It’s square within 1/32″. I’m currently in the process of squaring and centering the frame to the chassis jig. Once that’s done it’s pretty smooth sailing on out. And the build will be a little more interesting because suspension designs and chassis designs will be coming together to form her back into a car.

At this point the car body will be lowered and correctly setup to the frame and temporarily bolted one. It will have to be removed several times during the process before everything is welded together and stiffened.


That’s all for this episode. Enjoy the pics.

Doc out.

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Chassis builder, engine builder, cynic

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