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Pet Sematary

I’m sure that all of you who have been reading are wondering where my bi-weekly posts have been. Well, they haven’t. In any case here we are. Back at it in the most straightforward way possible.

I have given up on selling parts to the 240 “community” of assholes. I have it, you want it and dont want to pay, so you cant have it. Theres a hefty scrap pile of 240 and SR parts behind the garage that will never, ever be used. I’m not much of a “community” person. I do what I like when I want and how I want. 240 people, I’m not welfare for car “enthusiasts”. Get a fucking life. You also wont be catching me driving an import from here on out. My 2010 WRX has made certain of that.

Anyway….the 4th draft of the front upright assembly is on the 3D printer and by this Saturday (07/25/2020) I should be mocking it up with the hub and brakes. As this build is progressing it’s looking like most of the car is going to be a one-off. The engine, trans, general body shape, and wheel hubs are looking to be the only off the shelf parts. Everything else is of my own design or a custom piece from a reputable manufacturer.

I’m actually glad that the only things Nissan on this car are going to be the hubs and the shape of the body. The only thing I’m retaining on the body are the main structure points. All panels will be in carbon fiber and modified for aero. I’m guessing what you’ve been waiting for is a look at and some specs on these uprights I’ve been hot on for the past few months.

After several one piece designs and one sheet metal weld up version I cooked up a 4 piece module unit. The main body comprises of the wheel hub mounting area and the lower ball joint bosses. It also houses threaded passages and receivers for bolt and locating the three detachable parts.

The upper ball joint mount is detachable. This allows further shimming or complete redesign of upper ball joint geometry. And let’s face it…in an unparallel, unequal length suspension set up the upper is not load bearing. It acts as a locator for the top suspension geometry and a pivot point for the upper half of the steering system.

The steering pivot arm is also detachable. This gives me the ability to adjust for bump steer and Ackerman all at the upright. Shimming at the main body or a redesign of a new part will handle that task.

The brake caliper mount is also removable. At some point in time in the future perhaps I’ll install large wheels and have the ability to upgrade the braking system. This particular version is set up for Wilwood 6 piston calipers with 13″ rotors.

Once the physical print is in hand I can check on all of the geometry based on a list of over 65 specs I’ve designed into all the parts. If everything is well I can physically mount to the wheel hub and brakes and set it all up on the car. After that it’s off to the CNC shop. My fingers are crossed, but I think science and engineering have my back on this one. Enjoy the pics.

Please keep this last thought in mind when making YouTube videos so you dont sound like a bigger idiot then you already are: “heighth” is not a fucking word. It never was a fucking word. The correct spelling height. The correct pronunciation is height. There is no hillbilly “th” sound in the word. To say “HEIGHTH” is grammatically incorrect and fucking ridiculous. To all those who say it wrong, look it up. It is length, width, height…capital fucking “T” sound and that’s fucking it.

Good day.

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