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No Pics, the Future is Looking Terrible

I’ve been watching car building TV shows for the past 23 years. One thing that consistently blows my mind is the way these guys pull the engines out of the cars – transmission attached. In my meager 20 years as a professional technician I’ve pulled hundreds of engines, in everything from a 68 Barracuda to a Freightliner, and never once have I pulled an engine with trans attached through the compartment opening. Taking note of that, I only pull the engine/trans assembled if I’m tabling the assembly and raising the chassis off the crossmember.

Maybe it’s the cool thing to do. Maybe it’s for dramatic effect. Maybe is the tribal knowledge way to do it and everyone who follows the crowd is stupid. I’ve never looked at this method as easier, especially if you are working on a lift. I pull my transmissions seperate, but to each his own. If Lou Santiago is reading this, I’d sure value your take on it.

And whats with this big push on EVs? I’m sick of these butt lovers wanting me to give a public political disertation on why I don’t like them. Let me fill you in – it has absolutely nothing to do with science. Simply put electric powered cars are bland, they’re boring, lifeless, and most importantly sterile. The cars are ugly. The powerplant is ugly. If you dont understand what I’m saying then stop reading, you are nothing more then a mindless pawn.

I love everything about internal combustion, the good and the bad. The symphony of the timing: 1 8 4 3 6 5 7 2. The pulse of exhaust gases exiting the pipes, sparking to life each time that key is turned. Fuel and air properly proportioned creating living breathing entity. It’s organic and warm. It’s alive. Much like all of us, it breathes.

EVs are cold and digital, they have autopilot. Blasphemy. EVs are dead, they are lifeless automatons built on lies and politics. Dead silouettes of what a car used to be. “But the horsepower they make!” “The acceleration!” Horseshit. All that power and acceleration holds no beauty in my eyes. As a matter of fact if one more liberal sped argues EVs on the basis of power I’m going to plant that son of bitch right where they’re at. It’s about the power, but not that power. I want the power to scream, I want it to rumble, and I want it to burn me. Fuck EVs.

I’ve had enough for now. Til next time. Feel free to comments and we can debate this in the real world, with real numbers. Adios.

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