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A Little More Chassis, A Little Less Classy

To start things off I want all of you mother fuckers to know that the Beatles were a pack of commies and the real Paul McCartney died in San Francisco in 1966. So fuck yourselves. Listen to metal.

Back to the task at hand. Our chassis is in a growing pains type of stage. The entire design is finalized. I’ve been working on fixtures for control arms, etc, etc…

What do I mean by “in between”? Well, the bones of the structure are there and I’m just filling in all the spaces. To say I’ve been slightly less motivated than normal is an understatement. I’m still absolutely hardcore into it, but lack of sleep and other distractions involving people paying me to fix or make things is somewhat slowing me down.

Pete’s chassis is progressing timely, and is in my opinion the nicest non-tube chassis roll cage I’ve ever made.

Let’s take a look…..

From what you can see here we strayed from our usual full forward laterals. Those would be full length bent and rotated tubes extending from the top bends on each side of the main hoop to the plating on the floor next to, or in front of the “A” pillar area. What you see is a “halo” bar. Generally speaking its a single “U” bent section of tube that is welded to the top bends of the main hoop and follows toght to the roof channel before bending around 90° to cross the top of the windshield and go back around.

And it’s fucking tight. It’s pretty much inside the structure surrounding the roof. You can hardly tell it’s there. I like it so much that if the 240’s cage wasn’t so far along it’d be getting done this way.

Next bit of difference would be these forward half lateral sections. Pretty straight forward, bent to the ‘A’ pillar and welding into place. Whats not pictured here is a gusset bar between the forward half lateral and the halo. It will be 1″ .083 and around 6″ long. It is positioned not to obstruct drive vision. (Its there. Look close)

Also note how far back the main hoop is. After a handful of slightly heated discussions with a pair of SCCA tech inspectors and roll cage builders we made our own conclusions. One said no way, the other said I’m doing a cage on an EVO chassis right now. His main hoop weld point is about an inch in front of ours. So fuck it. If we can run PHA so be it. By the way, that’s a 10° rearward rake on the hoop.

Hoop position and halo design also pushed us into another corner. We can’t run FIA bars. What’s an FIA bar? Its a tube that runs from the weld joint at the base of the forward lateral to a joint somewhere near the front or top bend at the half lateral ot in this case halo. Our design wouldn’t leave the required entry and egress room for Pedro, so we axed it. It’s not yet a required bar in our series, but it would greatly strengthen the front of the cage in the event of a rollover.

Right here are the forward protrusion bars and dash bar. Nothing fancy here. Our firewall is either going to be carbon fibre or aluminium, so we cant do a weld to firewall here. Instead we go to the stout strut towers we added in the last version of this chassis.

Here are the doorbars. NASCAR door bars and heavy, even in 1.625″ .083 4130, so we opted for and “X” with a twist. The inside bar is a traditional straight pieced running from almost dash bar height (not fucking heighth”, this is modern American English, fuckface) back down to about an inch above the main hoop base weldment. The outside door bar is the same material with a 6° bend at the crossing point, so it just kisses the inside tube. This is welded, of course. Once complete there will be a tube at crossing point on the inside bar going into the rocker and a gusset, or gusset bar extending from the outside bar to that.

That’s that for now. As of righting (not publishing) we have 5 small bars to weld to the front section before we drop this cock sucker and do the topside welding, then on to the rear of the cage.

Like I said before, the 240 is at a minor stall. Pictured are the spaceframe style tubes making the cross sections of the front of the chassis.

I can’t iterate how important of a tool BendTech SE is to us at the shop. However, if you lack the ability and tools to accurately make the design real, it is nothing more then a chassis building compute game. Always remember common sense and mechanical sensabilities are required when doing this kind of work, as well as good logic and reasoning skills. This is the big unsung hero part of racing and it’s got to be right. I am an asshole and most people thing I’m a prick. That’s why I chose to be a chassis builder. It must be perfect, it is the foundation of the remaining 8 subsystems we as human beings call an automobile. Only a prick can be that detailed and accurate.

Please remember that as Freiburger puts it “Gasoline Forever.” As it should be. Personally EVs do nothing for me, as I’ve previously stated that they are castrations. A simple mode of transportation. Internal combustion excites me, it’s what I’m passionate about. EVs are a farce, you feckless, EV loving, brainwarshed, fucktards. But to each his own. I hate them, and last time I checked there is still a little of America left in Joe Bidens trainwreck version of this country. So for now we all have a choice. If the liberal scum, and they are all scum, get there way; choice as we’ve known it will be gone.

Until next time, be a loner, a rebel.

A little more Chassis, a little less Classy

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